Yearly, in the autumn, the Lapish town of Kemijärvi organizes the international Kaamos Dance Festival, perhaps the only international dance festival above the Arctic Circle.
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There is just about everything one could wish; from a tropical swimming pool to alpine skiing. In the kulttuurikeskus - the cultural center - there are various exhibitions. I its theater one can see performances that can measure up to those in Helsinki - or Amsterdam for that matter. If one wishes to call it an activity - there are bars and disco's. Numerous contests - from races with all conceivable modes of transport to international snow ball throwing contests.

Cross country skiing is one of the most natural ways of taking in the arctic landscape. For the somewhat more adventurous there are the Pyhä Tunturi and Suomu Tunturi. Both arctic fells are less than an hours' drive from the center.


And .... of course there is the KaamosDancing.


Kemijärvi has various facilities for lodging. There are hotels cabins at different locations in and outside of the center.

For information you should call, fax or e-mail us. And there is the old reliable postal system of course. Please refer to our information page.




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