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St Ives net was founded in 1997. The quality of the work is the determining factor for being selected. We hope that you will find what you are looking for - or search below for an art-specific search.

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Studio/river home for sale in Holland.STUDIO FOR SALE a river home atelier in HOLLAND

© painter Vasil Vasilev - Varna Bulgaria


With sites of selected artists from around the world. academic fashion of the time may inspire art historians in general - St Ives net presents only art of good quality.

A list of international artists is being compiled continuously, based on the quality of their work. They are selected from exhibitions and publications on a world-wide basis. For information about joining visit this page.

© sculptor Kari Huhtamo - Taidehalli Helsinki Finland


A virtual document of the successful Finnish sculptor's exhibition in Helsinki's Taidehalli | Art Hall last autumn.

© land art - Zwijndrecht-Hendrik Ido Ambacht - Volgerlanden Walburg - site specific sculptures - land art - landscape design - concrete - his art works in cities and landscapes - environmental sculptures

land art - earth art or - environmental

Defining the boundaries between land art, earth art and environmental art is not our main concern - here we provide you with some links which will take you further.

© museums/st-petersburg-state-museum-history-professional-education.htm

St. Petersburg State MUSEUM of the History of Professional Education

The St. Petersburg Museum of the History of Professional Education (Vocational Training) records the heroic achievements of the Russian tradition of vocational education.

© reductive art - constructive and concrete sculpture and painting in Erfurt

Erfurt Art

The German city of Erfurt has taken many initiatives to promote the arts - visit the sites on the Peterskirche collection and exhibitions and the recent sandstone sculpture symposium commemorating Johann Sebastian Bach.

© ART COURSES - painting and drawing on Paros island Greece and in Lapland Finland

art courses

Art courses in Greece, The Netherlands and Finland.


online catalogues

all art catalogues presented on StIvesNet have been listed on a separate page



fashion designers will be featured here, the first site presented shows May Hobijn's hats


hat design by May Hobijn - Holland


hoeden en petten naar eigen ontwerp gemaakt door May Hobijn


galleries and art dealers

featuring exhibitions and works which they have in stock, varying from old masters to contemporary art

beelden aan de Vecht

installs a new sculpture exhibition in the gardens of an ancient coach house in Maarssen, Holland

© art for all ages - AllaprimA - Finland | Holland


the AllaprimA Foundation's important collection of children's drawings exhibited in the Rotterdam KunstHal in 2001

© Dutch constructivists

five dutch constructivists - holland constructief

henk van trigt
piet van zon
go de graaf
coby brinkers
lucien den arend

© culture

© Art from Dordrecht in Bulgaria


catalogue of the exhibition in the Varna Municipal Museum, Bulgaria 1998


OPAM Drecht Banks Sculpture Park

Open Air Museum - Sculpture Park Drecht Banks at the junction of the three Dutch rivers - Oude Maas, the Noord and the Beneden Merwede - opened in 1996 by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands - biennales in 1997 Finland and 1999 Bulgaria (opened by Queen Beatrix and Bulgarian King Simeon)

© tales

art and religion by Pieter Taselaar [presently only in Dutch]
© the return of Vincent van Gogh

episodes about how Vincent van Gogh survived the drama of his suicide

© mill-lennium project
© the Watts Towers

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links to sites featuring land, environmental and earth art

see the sculpture of the founder of St Ives Net - Lucien den Arend